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Attendance Policy

It is imperative that students be in attendance each school day in order not to miss a significant portion of their education. Many important lessons are learned through active participation in classroom and other school activities which cannot be replaced by individual study.

In Ohio, children are required to attend school from age six to eighteen unless the pupil has graduated from high school, is employed on an age and school certificate, or has been determined to be incapable of profiting substantially from further instruction. While it is the school’s duty to enforce the compulsory attendance law, responsibility for compliance with the law rests upon the parents, guardians, or other persons having control of the child. (Section 3321.01 of Ohio Revised Code).

Notification of Absence
When a student is absent, parents are required to notify the school at 415-7000. If a student should know in advance that he/she will be absent, the office needs to be informed by a parental note. If the office is not notified of a student absence on a given day, and parents cannot be reached by noon, a postcard will be sent home to notify parents of the absence. (Refer to attendance policy, page 5, for guidelines).

Student Absences and Excuses
Regular attendance by all students is very important. In many cases, 
irregular attendance of the major reason for poor school work; therefore, 
all students are urged to make appointments do personal errands, etc., outside school hours.

Students are entitled to 10 days of excused absence each year without medical documentation. Beginning on the 11th day a physician’s note is required or the absence will be unexcused. Physician’s notes documenting school absences must specify the date of the appointment with the physician and the date(s) of the excused absence.

Reasons for which students may be excused include, but are not limited to:

  • personal illness of the student

  • illness in the student’s family

  • death in the family

  • quarantine of contagious disease

  • religious reasons

  • pre-approved college visits

Each student who is absent must immediately, upon return to school, make arrangements with individual teachers to make up work missed. Students who are absent from school for reasons not permitted by Ohio law may, or may not be permitted to make up work. Each case is considered on its merits by the principals and the respective teacher(s). Students should supply a note to the school after each absence explaining the reason for the absence or tardiness.

The Board does not believe that students should be excused from school for non-emergency trips out of the District, however guidelines have been developed for family vacations and are outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. The responsibility for such absence resides with the parent(s), and they must not expect any work missed by their child to be retaught by the teacher.

The Board authorizes the Superintendent to establish a hearing and notification procedure for the purpose of denying a student’s driving privileges if that student of compulsory school ages has been absent without legitimate excuse for more than 10 consecutive days or a total of at least 15 days during a semester or term.

Unexcused absence from school (truancy) is not acceptable. Students who are truant will receive no credit for school work that is missed. A student will be considered habitually truant if the student is absent without a legitimate excuse for five (5) or more consecutive school days, for seven (7) or more school days in one (1) month, or twelve (12) or more school days in one (1) school year. Furthermore, a student will be considered chronically truant if the student is absent without a legitimate excuse for seven (7) or more consecutive school days, for ten (10) or more school days in one (1) month, or fifteen (15) or more school days in one (1) school year.

If a student is habitually or chronically truant and the student’s parent has failed to cause the student’s attendance, a complaint will be filed with the Judge of the Juvenile Court in compliance with State law and Board Policy 5200. 

No student is to leave the school grounds during school hours without the permission of an administrator or teacher.

Make-up of Tests and Other School Work
Homework missed for an excused absence shall be made-up. One day for every day absent (maximum 1 week) is given for make up work . Students are responsible for work/tests that are given on the day of return, if the assignment was made prior to the absence. It is the student’s responsibility to take the initiative in making up this work. Parents may request homework/class assignments when the absence is reported before 9:00 a.m. 

Parents are requested to call the school (415-7000) before 9:00 a.m. if their child will be tardy to school that day. There is a recording available 24 hours a day for your convenience. Students who are late to school, except for a late bus, must sign in the office before going to their lockers or to class. Unexcused reasons for tardiness may include but are not limited to: oversleeping, missing the bus, not leaving early enough, etc.

A student is considered tardy for the day if arrival is after 8:00 but before 11:00. A half-day absence is recorded if a student arrives after 11:00 but before 1:30. Three days of unexcused tardiness will count for one day of unexcused absence. Discipline in the form of detentions or Friday/Saturday school may be assigned.


Vacations During the School Year
Parents are encouraged to not take their child out of school for vacations. However, five days are allowed within the ten-day policy. When a family vacation must be scheduled during the school year, it must be pre-approved by the Principal five days in advance in order for it to be excused. Vacation request forms are available in the office. If a student has already had 10 absences, the vacation will be denied and all days thereafter will be unexcused.